Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Posioned My Body...

Why do we continually put foods in our bodies that hurt us???

This past Friday i poisoned my body! Did I do this on purpose? NO! But did i know better? YES!!

I stopped at "Uncle Dave's" and ordered a spicy chicken wrap. I usually get a snack wrap from "Uncle Ronald" (which isn't any better) but I decided to go with "Uncle Dave". It was a new item on his menu, so I wanted to try it. I have been eating healthier over the last few weeks so i figured one little chicken wrap shouldn't hurt any. Right?? WRONG!!! That one little chicken wrap caused me a weekend of PAAAAAAIN, AAAAAGONY, & SUUUUUUUUUFFERING!

I lived in the bathroom all of Friday night and eventually prayed to the Lord above to make me do something i HATE....VOMIT. I hate vomiting with a passion. I can hardly stand to see my little ones vomit (or clean it up for that matter). But on that night, I prayed for that disgusting release which came as a stalled relief. Why did i do that to myself?! Ugh! I was so digusted with my deicision. Why didn't i just go home and cook a fresh meal? I didn't need the fast food. I was just being lazy. L-A-Z-Y.

~ BabyGirl


Mayflower said...

Because they taste GOOD!
Remember food w/o tatse is like sex w/o pain!
(What's the point?) Hehehe

Taylor J said...

Cause it's yummy and Human Nature = People not being able to resist things that taste, feel, look good.

We eat junk food because its cheap and it tastes good.
We have sex before marriage because it feels good and we are tempted.
We wear make up and buy clothes because it makes us look good.

None of these things are necessary or holistic, they do not help us become better people but we do it because this is a vein society.

But as for the food, its simply because its tasty and cheap.
Ive also noticed that natural and organic foods are more expensive and not everyone can afford it.

Jas G said...

Being healthy is too complicated. Eggs are good, then they're bad, then they're good, then the whites are good but the yellows are bad...

Carbs are bad, fat is bad. Wait, there are good carbs, unsaturated fats are okay, trans fats are bad enough to be banned but saturated fats aren't, cholesterol also comes in good and bad.

Its just too much work. Instead I believe American will eventually just embrace the "fat ideal." In the future, men will want to "tap" Roseanne Barr or Rosie O'Donnell and Andy Milonakis will be on the top of the "Sexiest Man Alive" list.

SubJ said...

Force of habit and effluence.

Eat only when hungry and not more than thrice a day. Nothing other than water in between. Include plenty of uncooked vegetables and fruits in each meal, preferably 50%. Chew each morsel at least 32 times to activate ur body to generate signals of hunger/fullness. Obey these signals.

Take light exercises and brisk walks regularly preferably twice a day.

U will achieve what u have not even dreamt and that too in a reasonable time. Do not be in a hurry.

This schedule will also be helpful in maintaining good healthy weight.

Alissa M said...

I would have to agree with Taylor J. We eat junk because its cheap! I would like to know why organic and natural foods cost more?? If companies are so supportive of healthy eating, why doesnt the junk cost more and not the healthy stuff?

BabyGirl, sorry that you had a rough weekend. I wish that on noone. You made a mistake...you are human, just like the rest of us. Now you know better than to do that again, right???

Michelle said...

There are many reasons for it. People are leading busier lives and don't have the time or take the time to make and/or eat well balanced nutritional meals. Fast food is easy and fast.

Eating healthy costs more money. Fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, organic foods and such cost a lot more than processed foods at the grocery store.

Some people are addicted to food literally and that causes obesity. Its the hardest addiction to beat because you have to eat to live, yet you have to limit what you eat.

For some it is a cultural thing and food = love. In our family it is always about big meals. They have gotten healthier throughout the years, however we can't get together with my parents without a meal being involved.

Portions are larger, we are being bombarded with advertisements everywhere for pizza, fast food, ice cream and all sorts of different foods that aren't good for us.

Having been overweight from the age of 9 to 26 and having to have weight loss surgery, I know all the obstacles that are out there.

Unfortunately its the way it is now a days. There are more obese people now than ever before.

1989 320# Vertical Banded Gastroplasty
1992 250# Revision
1994 220# small bowel obstruction
2003 180# Revision
2004 134# entire stomach removed due to complications and a small gastric bypass
Today 130# living on protein shakes, special vitamins and iron transfusions to get nutrients I need

Enoch 7th Prophet said...

I feel that the government is behind all fast food joints, McDevils,Burger Kill,taco Hell, Dunkin donuts,Wendy's (the logo has red hair and the girl has horns)...At anyrate eating smart and wise isnt hard to do. We as Afrikans never ate meat that was not in our nature. We eat junk food becasue WE dont know how to eat the proper FOODS!

Since people are trying to compare Natural FOODS to SEX. Did you know that the foods you comsume are connected with your sex pleasures?. Do the Knowledge.

We spend money on Rims,clothes,shoes,beer,weed and dumb ass music..but when it comes to us living a Healthy Life we take the cheap way out! and get out blood pressure up! beacuse natual foods and organic foods are too expensive.

Trust me if you a single person. You can spend 100 bucks on about 4 bags of heathly foods from your local market (wholefoods,trader joes, etc..)

oh, Babygirl sorry about you mis-haps at the Crackhouse (Wendy's)