Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Message From: OVERSTAND -- Dysfunctional Culture?

As usual, Dre has to keep your minds at work so... with a new site to look at along with great material, a new comments section, and ME! Lets get those minds rolling today and continue to OVERSTAND asunderstanding isn't enough.

As usual, thank you Widows Webb Online Magazine (the hottest online magazine the DMV has seen) for putting my articles in the mag this month, many more to come, W.O.W Radio, the experience, GDN ent. and WKSHdabeat Radio! Have a blessed weekend and keep on track with your New Years Resolution!

Til Next time OverStand UP People...


::Bens: It's a known fact that people of many different backgrounds pass down key elements of their respected cultures to their younger generations। Scientists have even found evidence that chimps pass on customs and cultures just as humans do। It's also known that hardships can rapidly alter a community's unique culture, which can also be passed on. Jewish communities adopted closer knit families and a fear of disease and sickness after the holocaust, yet, they were generally able to rehabilitate and regain forward progress, but what about other cultures? The African American culture is viewed by many to be dysfunctional, but a closer look at the beginnings of slavery, activities practiced during slavery, and the effects that still remain, might prove to be beneficial in determining why this may be the case. Click here to read more

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