Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Why can't independent artists get mainstream acceptance?

Why can't they get mainstream acceptance?
(W.O.W Radio supports independent artists 100%!! But we all know that’s not enough...lol )

Why is it that the mainstream will not accept the indie artists? You all have just as much drive and talent, if not more, than the artists on the major labels.

Is it lack of respect?
Is it credibility?
Lack of funds?
Lack of proper advertising & promotion?
Is it because you won’t bend to the industry’s commercial ways?

Why won't they show y’all any love???


Lonely Guy said...

A lot of indy bands don't want the mainstream acceptance, until their broke, then they sell their soles to the machine and we all enjoy their next single, "Dance Dance"

YASU said...

I have seen and heard indie artists who are far more marketable than many mainstream artists. No vocal effects, they play their own instruments, and often write their own music as well...the complete package. It is hard to make it in the mainstream in a day where there aren't many "talent scouts" who would just sign artists and such. Now we have to submit our music and pay for that and network on our own, travel and sacrifice, make calls, send emails and pray real hard--if that is what we really want. Still there are those where this type of "luck" just happens...it's about what the artist wants. Most indie artists love what they do and want to do it for a long time. Everyone in mainstream doesn't have the type of longevity and creative freedom.Independence then seems most attractive when you realize you are not dependent on someone else for your success.