Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Indie Newz:: Kel Spencer Update

Alright Folks!!!

We're ready for The Spring, Right? Right... Well make sure Kel Spencer is providing the backdrop and the soundtrack to whatever you have going on. No need to go get it, I bring you the goods from Brooklyn right to your inbox, right here in your lap...

  • First off... You've been asking about the latest music. So make sure you get my Free Weekly Downloads, Every Wednesday for the entire 2009, right here at If you've been missing out, STOP MISSING OUT!!! I just set up a link exclusively for Wednesday Downloads, so Go Get 'Em!!! KEL SPENCER WEDNESDAYS...

  • Secondly... My boy Yusef Ramelize had the heart to actually go out onto the streets of NYC and live homeless IN THE SNOW during the week of March 1-7. He reached out to me to provide the Theme Song and I ask that you all go check out his initiative at

  • Next... Show your appreciation for Real Hip Hop and check out Grand Master Flash's latest album The Bridge I'm featured on a joint called SHINE ALL DAY with Q-tip.

  • Almost done... My Reality Series WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS is back in full effect in just a couple weeks. So far, we have 5 episodes up and running so go check em out if you haven't already. I've been listening to your requests, concerns, input, and ideas. I've incorporated more comedy, more socially conscious issues, and more of my daily life outside of the studio so I'm sure you'll Love the next batch of Episodes coming you're way.

  • Lastly... What most of you have been waiting for, my next show is Friday April 3rd at SULLIVAN HALL Here in NYC @ 214 Sullivan St Btwn Bleecker & W 3rd. Doors open at 10pm and artists include Emilio Rojas, and Rock & B sensation Lydia Caesar. Guess who's headlining and you already know how I get down on that stage with my Live Band so stay tuned for details or get at me on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Tagged, etc... I'm everywhere....

"I know you're busy, so I'll keep it short and sweet but stay in tuned with a Movement that's not flashy it's fly... It's not Gangsta it's from the block... It's not Pimped Out but the chicks dig it and it's right here in your face. I Gets BuZy..." ~ KEL SPENCER THE BEST RAPPER YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF

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