Thursday, March 19, 2009

Indie Newz:: Tia Dae's new Smash Hit, "Come With Me"

Extra, all about it!!!

"When people show you who they are, please believe them" ~ Maya Angelou.

Ms. Tia Dae definitely shows you who she is with her new Smash Hit, "Come With Me"

Click here to check out the single & hear it for yourself...she definitely has skills!!!

Spread the word by all means...tell a friend, to tell a friend, to their friends too!

Stay tuned for Ms Dae's Sophmore project, "A Nu Me", coming Spring '09.

Visit Tia Dae @ the following sites: keyword: Tia Dae

or just google Tia Dae

"Staying Focused is Key" ~ td

Tune into Indie Luv to hear Tia Dae's new single in W.O.W Radio rotation!

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