Thursday, April 16, 2009

Indie News:: Recap of The Networking Night

Recap of "Networking Night Cap" featuring LaKeisha Wolf
and Online Economic Recovery Resources!

Yesterday was the 11th edition of the "Networking Night Cap" event. The event featured local entrepreneur LaKeisha Wolf. LaKeisha is the founder and owner of EnjoyourSelf. EnjoyourSelf offers two distinct product lines, Authentic Gemstone Jewelry and E-Ma's Natural Body & Hair Care Products. LaKeisha also offers a host of workshops and individual services that encourage clients to take an active role in their personal healing and self-development.

LaKeisha was a finalist for the 1st Annual Cherrie Dawkins business grant. Although she didn't win, she received much more as a result of the event.

LaKeisha has an opportunity to have her product line featured in Whole Food stores. However, she didn't have the necessary capital to purchase the $1,000,000 liability insurance.

The community along with local entrepreneurs have come together to support LaKeisha's dream.

I am proud to say that over the last two weeks, with help from local communities and MNE members and supporters, LaKeisha has the necessary capital to continue her dream. This is a true example of cooperative economics.

Networking is the KEY to Success!

Each month the MNE will feature a different Entrepreneur to help them obtain their dreams!

Special thanks to Marilyn Arter and Courtney Story for helping me realize that "WE" need to put our money where our mouth is and really help each other on a grassroots level.


Online resources
Here are some Web site where you can track federal spending or find related government contracting opportunities:

Federal Recovery Web portal
A listing of all federal business opportunities over $25,000, searchable by stimulus funded projects.
A listing of all federal grant opportunities, searchable by stimulus funds.
Searchable database of all federal contracts, searchable by congressional district.
The Government Accountability Office has selected 16 states, including Pennsylvania, to audit how stimulus money flows.

Small Business Administration programs and services

Pennsylvania's Recovery Web portal
PennDot's database of bid opportunities and project-letting list.
Search solicitations from Pennsylvania state departments

Latest news updates and online resources
Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission's list of transportation projects, including new stimulus funded projects
City of Pittsburgh contract bids
Pennsylvania Purchasing Group, which solicits bids and offers contracting opportunities for Allegheny County and Pittsburgh Public Schools.

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