Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Indie Newz:: Max Parthas Appearances

Press Clippings for Max Parthas
"I received END GAME. it is by far the best piece of work [2nd to mine] that i have ever heard. from the first sound of the intro all the way to the last sound of the outro. very powerful and inspirational work. " - OneLovePS, poeticworks.com (Mar 01, 2009)
"Just when I was giving up hope, Max Parthas comes along with the 2nd wind of our mission. Max carries the conviction of not just the mere title of Poet but of social activist. Max, you got this and beyond 'this'". " - -Bethsheba A. Rem/Queen Sheba, Famecast.com (Oct 18, 2007)
"What I just sat and listened to was felt to my core. I found it to be one of the best stabs at censorship that I have ever heard. Words that should be absorbed by all. And I, as one person, shall pass them along..." - Mourning -Vatican City State(Holy See, CD Baby review
"I really had no idea how awesome you are. I am highly impressed, Because of the the deliverance of the truth, and the passion in the delivery. That is Think Stuff, - you deliver it with such authority, if there was ever a doubt, the truth prevails. I had to share it. How could I not? " - Moiko -Founder & Chairperson of Moiko Records Inc., Moiko Records Reviews (Dec 08, 2008)
"-An artist who knocks me out with his incredible talent! -I'm 56, and I'm going through a lot of trials right now -roll that all into one feeling, and what I am is tired of everything in every way, -but after listening to Max Parthas, I feel like maybe I should at least start writing again!" - Anna Lea Pudan , Moiko Records Reviews (Dec 14, 2008)
"This is one flawless collection. This goes beyond spoken word. Max & Tribal's energy is phenomenal, and the production is beautiful. Keep it comin'!!!" - Mouchee Deeki, CD Baby Reviews (Dec 11, 2008)
"...A clearly powerful and revolutionary piece of work brewed so sweet you take it in and not even know it...Genius!!!" - Freedom Verse Cafe ourstage reviews, Freedom Verse Cafe (Nov 22, 2008)
"...OMG, you are awesome, I can't wait til my time is freed up today and come back for more. You are the truth!" - P.E.A.C.E. the Poetess, Ourstage reviews (Nov 05, 2008)
"...You represent the revolution that lies within each and everyone of us in true poetic form...WORD" - Atlanta red, Ourstage reviews (Sep 27, 2008)
"Max is the hottest poet out there! From your biggest fan, Shyfox! Keep em' coming!" - Author -Shywanne L Manson, Famecast.com (Oct 27, 2007)
"Peace and Much Love! Yo, Maximus you definitely rocked 'em AGAIN, keep doin' ya thang! We gotta make sure Hiphop culture is preserved so we can past this REMARKABLE legacy to our youth! I'm lookin' forward to us workin' together in the NEAR FUTURE! YOU ARE HIP HOP, WORD! " - Minister Server , Temple Of Hip Hop (Oct 26, 2007)
"I promise you your actions will resound throughout the universe, your words echo to distance galaxies and God has heard your message. People have come to love and support you. Your actions are aligned with what you speak and you speak on things hidden in the fragile places in people's heart." - Kenn J Martin, famecast.com (Oct 20, 2007)
" This CD is a library of knowledge for which should be a required course for the whole world to take and receive college AND life credit! The movement! The Mission! " - Lovely Brown, Spoken Truth Online Radio & Media
"End Game" is truly a beginning, a new birth into an age of truth. I haven't stop listening to this CD since I got my fat fingers on it. - Truth Theory, Spoken Truth Online Radio & Media
"End Game CD is nothing short of an amazing work. From beginning to end, This is not a purchase, it's a much needed investment in the future." - Nyne Elementz, CD Baby review
" Absolutely a great performance on addressing the issue of hip hop through musical metaphors directed towards the culture and not the cliches most are influenced by one way or another. Keep on brutha! " - Cypha Omni, famecast.com (Oct 22, 2007)
"End Game is by far the bar set for every poet that is truthful with themselves" - Jakim the picture poet, CD Baby review
"If you have never listened to spoken word before, this is the place to start." - Misty Garrett, CD Baby review
" I don't know if End Game will change the industry but I do know it changed me." - Marcus DeLeon, CD Baby review
"The album cannot be categorized, it is what it is and what is it? Extraordinary! You gain something, literally, from listening to the words of both Tribal and Max." - Colt Vitany, CD Baby review
" This mind music was astounding. So I finally come to my MySpace window, thinking it was still on my dashboard. To my surprise, I was rockin' to your player and the hits just kept coming." - ~Safiyyah~, Blogtalk radio
"Freedom of speech baby! "Censorhip" Rocks!" - -Nichole Allen (a.k.a. Butta Pecan), Lyrics Inc Magazine
"The perfect cohesion of lyric and sound" - Rai Ross, CD Baby review
"Poignant, pointed and completely On-Point!" - Dain Brammage , ~New Word Order Reviews
"your pen writes gold and your lips spit straight PLATINUM" - Queen Unique, Ourstage.com (Oct 15, 0008)
"My Dear Brother, in our Awesome Father God, With your wisdom, compassion, and insight and passion to reach out and touch lives, I see hope. " - Annie Malone, OurStage.com (Oct 16, 2008)
"Brother Maximus, You DO have a story to tell. Your talent goes WAY beyond entertainment for others. " - The Musician Physician , OurStage.com (Oct 20, 2008)
"All I wanna know is where I can get my Tribal Raine t-shirt?! Love the passion, the expression for the forgiveness of yourself as well as your family members. True Passion sista. " - Queen Unigue, OurStage.com (Oct 20, 2008)

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