Friday, January 22, 2010

Indie Newz :: Blast From The Past: Incredible Review of Grizz's Debut Album, "Face Crunch"

The Package fam has been creating great music for a LONG time. Checkout this review of Grizz's debut album, which pre-dates New GoldenEra!

It takes a lot to call yourself Noyeek The Grizzly Bear, but it also
takes a lot of effort to make sure that name identifies with
something, be it good or bad. Noyeek is a good MC, and as he says on
the opening track of Face Crunch (self-released), he is offering a
"Breath Of Fresh Air". The truth is in the music, and anyone who
remembers the first time they heard Organized Konfusion or just the
energy of Pharoahe Monch will get into what Noyeek is about, as he
talks about creating mood music that will get you high ("Groove With
It (Remix)"). One hears him and you want to anticipate good rhymes,
and he succeeds each and every time. He's an expressive lyricist who
is open to rhyming over a wide range of styles, from songs with a
Latin flair to heavy tracks with funky samples from unknown sources,
to that original boom bap that will please hip-hop listeners of all

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