Monday, January 4, 2010

Indie Newz :: Sky Hi Studios Update

There is a revolution taking place in South Florida's film industry. Sky Hi Studios, the little studio that could, is offering its full green screen chroma key film studio to the film and production community for as little as $25 per hour, including lights. This ridiculously low price is virtually unheard of in the film industry. Typically film studios rent for upwards of $1,000 per day and more and that does not include lights. Additionally you have to pay extra for the green backdrop. This revolutionary offering has already made a big difference for many production companies and aspiring filmmakers in South Florida over the past year. Sky Hi also rents professional HD cameras for as little as $50 a day, which is less than one fourth the cost of a typical camera rental house.

Sky Hi Studios has played host to Power 96's DJ Laz and their 411-Pain client. Other celebrity clients include Get Radio Tag out of New York and their client, local fighting sensation Kimbo Slice. Morehead Productions brought an SUV into the studio to film portions of a movie that they are working on, and The Witness Project flew in from Detroit, Michigan to film the music video Fly Away that will be airing in heavy rotation on MTV Europe. There have been a number of music videos filmed at Sky Hi Studios including videos for Da Pretty Boyz, Qilo and Nicoi El Travieso.

In addition to producing TV commercials, Sky Hi Studios helps their client place their advertisement on television locally and nationally. They work closely with the client to create and build a set for the production when one is required within the client's budget. Sky Hi Studios also works closely with the client to help them reap the maximum benefit from their commercial, music video or other production by placing the video on all of the popular social networking sites including MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Sky Hi Studios also rents its studio to bands and dance groups as a rehearsal spot.

"Sky Hi Studios is striving to be more than just an elite studio for major filmmakers, but a place where the community can come and explore their creative talent and learn more about the film industry," says its President, Rodger Knowles.

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