Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Indie Newz :: Tara Elliott and The Red Velvets Update

"Hi There, I am still booking for an evening party of rock n' roll at The Shrine in Harlem, New York City from 7pm to midnight. It's a cool place to rock. The Shrine is a hip and intimate venue. My party is called "Tara Elliott and The Red Velvets presents Rock The Shrine!" It's on February 18th. The sets are an hour each. It's a tips gig, I will pass around a bucket for your band. If your band rocks, if you're interested in joining our party on Feb. 18th and being booked on the bill, please respond with a link to your music and website. No mp3s please. Thank You,"

~ Tara Elliott and The Red Velvets 
2009 Asbury Music Award Nominees for TOP INDIE ROCK BAND and TOP FEMALE VOCALIST. 

"The Bastard Child of Janis Joplin and the Stooges" -Thomaxe, New York Waste 

"While Jayne County or Johnny Thunders were nowhere to be found, Tara brought back the age of colored vinyl through her vibrant outfit alone." -Donnie G., Publisher and Editor of The Rag 

"These days, Elliott can be found wowing audiences as part of the power trio Tara Elliott and The Red Velvets, a down-and-dirty combo whose raw sound and red-hot energy recall the days when trash rockers like the New York Dolls and their musical offspring prowled the streets of New York City." -Alex Biese, Associate Producer of Asbury Park Press Metromix Jersey Shore

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