Monday, February 8, 2010

Indie Newz :: Susan Barth Makes Repeat Appearance On Compilation


Adult Contemporary Singer-Songwriter Susan Barth has been invited to have her song "Rainbows" from her upcoming album "Songs From the Suburbs" included on the Sounds Like Cafe Compilation Album Vol. 28. Sounds Like Cafe distributes quality new music to over 1200 cafes and coffee shops throughout all states and territories of Australia. The title track to her sophomore album "Wonderland" was previously featured on the Sounds Like Cafe Compilation Album Volume 18.

"Rainbows" is a folksy tune where the lyrics evoke a sense of fantasy. A cute way of believing in all things fortune, hope and heavenly bliss. The arpeggio parts on the mandolin with a tight rhythm acoustic guitar part give this song a country-like vibe.

All it takes is one listen to singer/songwriter Susan Barth's music and you'll be both delighted and captivated by it. With a retro songwriting style and a voice described by the International News Agency as "sultry and sensuous, imbued with sincere emotions and a refreshing rebellious flair," she's at the top of her game. Susan Barth has carved a place for herself in the genre of Adult Contemporary music that recalls the glory days of 60's and 70's pop music. When asked, she describes it as "Retro - Melodic Pop with a sad side".

Although chiming guitars and eminently catchy choruses make her music instantly endearing, beneath an iridescent pop sparkle lies a dense shadowland. Clever songwriting and arrangement, catchy hooks and well placed instrumental parts are a feature of her latest album "Songs from the Suburbs," to be released in early 2010.

Susan's first three CDs captured the attention of the music industry, earning accolades. Her songs have landed in the finals in numerous songwriting contests, including the UK Songwriting Contest, Billboard Songwriting Contest and Unisong Song Contest. Susan was named Runner Up for Songwriter of the Year in 2006 and 2007 by DIY, one of the most respected indie artist networks, which also chose "Wonderland" as the 2005 Runner Up for Album of the Year. Susan has also been awarded 7 ASCAP Songwriting Merit Awards over the last few years. Hit WB TV series "Smallville" utilized the track "Feel Like A Man" from the album "This Thing" to underscore on-screen action, which was also awarded 2nd place in Billboard's Annual Songwriting Contest. She recently inked licensing deals with a trio of powerhouse companies who keep Hollywood supplied with songs.

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