Saturday, May 1, 2010

Indie Newz :: A True Hip Hop Artist Release + WIN $100


So you ask who is
Hes a musician born in Wichita,KS and raised in the Midwest. He grew up listening to everything from onyx to Eminem's very first album "Infinite". Paul has always loved writing music. After 8 years of writing he is now emerging as a true hip hop artist and putting his skill to entertain to use. A person of stories that many people can relate to. P.WIN is not mainstream!He will tell you "I'm about being real and writing songs that are natural for me". What he hopes to get out of music is listeners... people wanting to hear real hip hop.His very first album debuts on 5-5-10 and will reflect his title "The Intervention". Its will be releasing on iTunes,Amazon,Myspace music and many others. For a physical album contact Paul on his site at Don't forget to tell your fam. and friends. Thanks for all the support. Any is greatly appreciated.

***$100 CONTEST***
The person who gets the MOST fans to join their STREET TEAM will win $100 and a SIGNED TSHIRT! Go to to sign up and get your friends to join your PWIN STREET TEAM!

NEW ADDITION TO THE PWIN STREET TEAM CONTEST!!!!! Now, not only do you get a SIGNED Tshirt and $100, but now an autographed copy of the NEW ALBUM that comes out on 05/05/10 CAN BE YOURS as well!!!!! Sign up at and get all your friends to join your PWIN STREET TEAM!

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