Thursday, September 1, 2011

#IndieNewz :: Epiphany Castro Update

Just a quick hello to you all..I hope this day finds you all well and full of sunshine..I have been a bit undeground the past few weeks from performing,but I return to the stage this week!!! I am happy to have had the chance to regroup and do a bit of new writing..I also will do some fan faves when i hit the stage as well(taking it back to the Soulflower era)

There are TWO new videos in editing and I am very eager to share them with you in just a bit.. The website revamp reveal is also just around the corner! As with my life,everything has shifted and changed so I want my site to reflect this as well.

I will be in Los Angeles Nov 12th,as I have been invited to perform at Paris Escovido's BDAY Bash! Stay tunes for the who what and where..I have not traveled in a bit so this is an exciting time..I also started shooting for the new reality show and we should be debuting the pilot by the end of the year..

Keep your ears peeled for a few remixes comming at ya very soon too....I thank you all again for the love..

All my love,

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