Thursday, September 29, 2011

#NEWVIDEO :: Sinitus Tempo - "Utopia" (My Place - Instrumental)

I can honestly vouch for music producers having the most intricate yet, the most gratifying job in the world: blending sounds to create emotion. As of late, the images and noise around me is cluttering everything that I want to shine so sometimes, the best thing to hear is music that evokes magic. With Utopia, the new visual from Sinitus Tempo's recently released Peaceland instrumental compilation, that magic comes like a wave of purple haze. Tempo consistently delivers to my cerebellum by pairing positive imagery with the lost art of making music with a purpose for a trip that is well needed at least three times a day. In a world where protecting your mental is just as necessary as protecting, Sinitus does the work that very few are willing to take on.

Utopia (video) -

Peaceland (instrumental album) -


Sasha Vann
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