Friday, September 20, 2013

Goodbye Hannah Montana: Hello Miley Cyrus

Hannah Montana was every parent’s dream; she went to school, got good grades, had fun and funny friends that were positive, followed all of the rules, and had a great relationship with her parents! Overnight, the show’s lead character, Hannah Montana, became the voice of parents who were hungry for a positive role model on television for their kids to look up to. Young kids found in Hannah Montana someone who made being the nerd and the good kid kind of cool and fun, and they also found that they could have a wonderful relationship with their parents. The parents made a mistake, Hannah Montana was not a lifestyle that is something lazy parents turned her into, because it gave them someone to blame when their children did something wrong! Parents should think about what a major influence they are on the children rather than letting the kids look up to celebrities.

Over time, this Disney image of the perfect teenager would be shattered by the very same actress that played her on the show, Miley Cyrus! At the 2013 MTV VMAs, Miley Cyrus’ performance left many parents of Hannah Montana fans dismayed, angry, and disappointed! In the onslaught of media coverage of her performance on the VMAs, I find myself asking this question: Why do we care so much about this pop artist’s performance? Before we point the finger at Miley Cyrus, we should point the finger at ourselves.

Our society in general has honed the fine art of creating and feeding beasts like Miley Cyrus, Madonna, and Lady GaGa. We do this through our willingness to watch them for hours on end on whatever media that is out there for us to use. Once we have had our fill of the current spectacle, we get tired of the beast that we have created. Then after a while, a new shocking act comes along that captures our attention, and the cycle repeats itself!

September 13, 2013

Reported by Nadia Johnson, W.O.W Radio Blogger

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