Thursday, September 26, 2013

Trayvon Martin Innocence Lost: The reason why the march for social and racial justice continues

Imagine you’re a mother of a vibrant, young teenage boy who wants to go to the store to get him some candy and something to drink. You say to yourself: “He has been a good boy this week and he deserves this treat that he ask me for”. So you go into your purse and get the money that he would need to purchase these things and send him on his way. You don’t think that this trip to the neighborhood’s corner store will be his last. All you can think about is rewarding your son’s good behavior with a treat. As 15 minutes goes by you start to think to yourself where is my son and why is he taking so long to get back from the store? Then you hear a knock on your front door you assume it’s your son who has finally came home and who has also apparently left his keys in the house. As you walk up to the door to open it for your son you are surprise to see the cops instead of your son. Then the cops start with the phrase that is every parent’s worst nightmare, which is: “Ma’am, something has happened to your son”. As they start to tell you, you start to wonder two things: what happened and is my son okay? The cops tell you that your son was followed by a man who is currently a neighborhood night watch person and this person got into a fight with your son. As the fight escalated the adult man pulled out a gun and shot and killed your son. We are so sorry for your loss!!! The last part of the account of what happened to your son rings in your head because part of you is hoping that the cops have the wrong family and any minute now your son will come walking through the front door. However, it is when you go to identify the body that the truth can no longer be denied! As you are living through a parent’s worst nightmare one thing is clear in your mind and that is to get justice for your baby! So you protested for a year in order to get the shooter arrested and get a trial only just to be let down when the verdict is read not guilty!!!! There is outrage all throughout the country and there are marches held in the African – American communities across the nation for your son’s honor. Even though you have achieved worldwide fame and brought attention to the social and racial injustice in the American justice system for those of different skin color. It still does not bring you son back nor does it ease the pain of his loss. If this story sounds familiar to you it is because this is a story that has been shared by many black mothers and women of black children since the founding of this country. However, most recently this story of social and racial injustice is being lived by a Ms. Tracy Martin the mother of Trayvon Martin.

Reported by Nadia Johnson
W.O.W Radio Blogger
September 13, 2013

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