Thursday, October 3, 2013

Diana Nyad: My She –hero

Most people in their sixties retired from their jobs and live out the rest of their lives peaceful and quietly. The days of them seeking and wanting adventures have long passed with the departure of their children. However, Diana Nyad is different, for at sixty – four years old, she proved that it is never too late to live and accomplish your dreams.
Diana is the living testament to what the human body can endure, for at sixty –four years old, she has managed to swim 110 miles in 53 hours. Diana swam from Cuba to Florida, which would be a triumph for any swimmer, let alone a 64 year woman! Diana’s average speed was 1.5mph in shark infested without the aid of a shark cage!

However, even with such a great victory for such a mature swimmer there are some skeptics about her swimming according to the swimming laws. For instance, they want to know how she is able to double her speed from 1.5mph to 3.97. Her teammate says the current that flowed in her favor, which empowered her to gain speed in various parts of her swim! The other skepticism she faced was the fact that she wore a protective bodysuit, which protected her from the jellyfish. In response to the criticism over the bodysuit she said, “I don't mean to fly in the face of your rules, but for my own life's safety, a literal life-and-death measure, that's the way we did it." (diana-nyad-defends-swim-skeptics ).     

The most outrages criticism of her swim was the allegation that she went without food and water for over several hours. This is simply not true. Diana admits that she did not eat solid food, but that she did not go less than 45 minutes without water!

In the end, even with all of the controversy and making national news, Diana still has set a record as the oldest woman swimmer to swim from Cuba to Florida in 53 hours! She did this her way, and unlike Lance Armstrong, she accomplished her goals without steroids. She did this out of pure dedication, strength, and valor. This is why she is not only my hero, but also gives me something to look forward to when I am her age!

September 12, 2013
 Reported by Nadia Johnson
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