Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Music: FUPM - FUPM Is The Future (Album)

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Ladies and gents, your resident dictator Lord Wolfgang here. It's been exactly two years since me and Stat Quo finished the FUPM project, but due to circumstances beyond our control we were not able to get the music to you as planned. However, today is a new day and even though there are still forces at work that would have the project shelved indefinitely, they did not take one thing into consideration. I call it the "We don't give a fuck factor". Long gone are the days where we second guess decisions due to politics, due to relationships, and opinionated assholes with way too much power and not enough brain power. You see...We don't give a fuck! The only thing that matters is the music and the fans. With that said, I give you....FUPM IS THE FUTURE. Partake!

FUPM - FUPM Is The Future


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