Thursday, February 20, 2014

Save The Date: #TurnItUpANotchRadio interviews #PhyshaP about song w #YG, #Snoop project, tours, etc

To Whom It May Concern:

Good evening. Turn It Up A Notch Radio, the #1 rated Internet Radio with hosts Benny Negro, Carmelina Vargas and Add On Beatz, is scheduled to interview buzzing, eclectic Hip-Hop act, Physha P (fish-uh-p) next Friday, February 28, 8pm-11pm. During the interview, Physha P's b.i.g. Lou will discuss their upcoming release "Shake Dat (Pt. 2), a recent #1 song in Germany, by Germany's famed Clubcrushers ft. YG and Milla, opening up for Juicy J, their MTV featured "Do What You Do," Da Fam's project management with Thailand's biggest, #1 Hip-Hop act Thaitainium ft. Snoop Dogg, their past BET 106 & Park performance, the current Knowledge Is Power NYC high school tour, and much more, including a live "Hot Seat" freestyle. Be sure to tune it. All radio interview information is listed below the image for your review and records. See you on the check in.... good night!


'Cuz we all fishin' for that P!
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"Turn It Up a Notch Radio" interviews Physha P
 Friday, February 28, 8pm-11pm
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What: "Turn It Up a Notch Radio" interviews Physha P (big Lou)

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Listen Live Here

When: Friday, Feb. 28th, 8pm-11pm

Where: [internet radio: your smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, laptop and any device with an Internet connection]

About: Interview will talk about Physha P's upcoming US release of #Clubcrushers ft. #YG, a huge international music project with a Hip-Hop legend (hint: king of the Jungle x "one love"), TV pilot, the name #PhyshaP, etc.

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