Monday, December 1, 2014

What is Sons of Rabalac Doing for Calabar High School?

SONS OF RABALAC hasn't steered away from their ultimate goal, to enrich the lives of students at Calabar High School. During this past summer the non-profit organization held their annual Green & Black celebration and the turnout was magnificent. Through the funds donated at this years event, scholarships were provided to two deserving students, the science lab was renovated, and Sons of Rabalac was able to sponsor the entire Calabar Football Program.

Their efforts don't stop there. On Sunday Dec. 7, 2014 Sons of Rabalac in association with CHSAA will host their annual Alumni Football Tournament. 

Alumni's representing Jamaica are invited to play and/or cheer for their school. The winning school will win cash prizes and all proceeds from the tournament will be donated to Calabar High School.

The tournament is being held at the Miramar Regional Park located 16801 Miramar Parkway Miramar, FL. 

This is a free event for the entire family, and there is a $1.50 entry fee into the park. 
Here is a detailed breakdown...
2 Full Scholarships

Mr. Tyreke Scott who will be entering the 8th grade and showing great promise academically is maintaining a B average, while captaining the football team in which he plays. This shows discipline, and strong leadership abilities. Remarkably Mr. Scott commutes from St. Thomas to Kingston everyday, and has great dreams of becoming a pilot.

Mr. Adrian White has excelled academically, maintaining a B average or better throughout his entire tenure at the school. Mr. White will be entering the 11th grade and will be sitting his CXC exams this academic year. He is a member of the Cadet Core and shows extreme determination to achieving excellence in everything he does.

Integrated Science Lab Rehabilitation

We are fully refurbished and upgraded the existing Integrated Science Laboratory at Calabar. All funds from this years Green & Black dance funded the entire project. We intend to provide modern laboratories for the teaching of the science subjects in an environment that will stimulate learning and excellence in the delivery and understanding of concepts taught at the school. The school intends to have more students matriculating to universities and further tertiary studies with a strong scientific background gained
through adequate exposure in the fundamentals of the disciplines while at Calabar
Calabar Football Program

We continue to support the entire football program at Calabar by providing funds for meals, training equipment, transportation, and tutoring for our student athletes. 
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