Monday, February 9, 2015

StreetcredMusic: The Documentary's what happened Sunday

Streetcred Music Critique

Posted: 08 Feb 2015 05:50 PM PST
My last trip to New York City, in November, I was suppose to have a great time, and there was one thing I needed to accomplish as far as this film goes. It didn't happen, I was 'fogged' in. It was not a real fog, it was as severe though. It came on so unexpectedly, and it was all encompassing. You know the kind of fog you just have to pull off the road, and wait out.

Sometimes an experience like that can be a bit scary, but then afterwards you realize it was just wet, hot, air, a chemical reaction... and, it engulfed many others, as you find out later, not just you, in that same time frame.
 So you get out of it, into the clean fresh, honest air Mother Nature supplies us with in abundance, ASAP.

When I have to do something that requires creative energy, I just let it come to me, my Gemini persona will not let me just sit down and pound it out. I tried several times since November, no dice.

::with my next trip to NYC imminent, it was bothering me. BUT~~~
This morning at 6 AM, I called French Nikster to leave a BD message. She sang on her message.
There was a line in that lyric that said 'matter of fact'. So at 6 AM Sunday morning, half asleep...
That did it, it was my answer, do it, do it now and make it a 'matter of fact' creation.

"as a matter of fact"
So, eleven hours later, done!
A 'professional' masterpiece. A perfect blend of facts and matter, with some music.

Hope you enjoy it.....Coming soon....Stay tuned....Yeah, Yeah,

Now my upcoming trip, will be all,

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