Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Death of a Legacy by Sex Scandal: The Bill Cosby Sage



                        Since the story broke back in November of 2014, I have remained silent on this topic on my blog -- that ends today. As we are celebrating the birth of the new royal baby Princess Charlotte, the sex scandal that is currently surrounding Bill Cosby has steadily grown from just 10 women to almost 40 women, all claiming to have been drugged and either raped or molested by him. Now don’t get me wrong -- I think that rape is the most violent and evil crime that can ever be committed against a woman, and I in no way support a rapist walking free after he has destroyed the lives of his victim(s).

            However, when it comes to Bill Cosby’s case, the question that keeps coming to the forefront is “Why now?” Why did these women, after in some cases 20, 30 and even (in one case) 50 years, come forward with this shocking claim of being raped by him?  What kept them in the closet for so long, and why do they feel that now is the right time to go after a man they should have been after since the 1950s?  Since the original story broke, some of these women’s personal background stories have been dumped into the media, and frankly, from what I have read about some of them, their accusations make them seem like gold diggers. This would answer my initial question of “why now,” but as more women keep coming out of the woodwork, one has to wonder if there is some truth to
what these women are saying. I would hate to think that there are people out there that are so sick that they would stoop so low to accuse an innocence man of a crime he didn’t commit just to get 15 minutes of fame. Remember, Bill Cosby is not a poor man, and he also has a rich legacy that is at stake here, which is the positive image of a black man and a black family in America.

            I hate to play the race card, but as a child I can remember watching first the Cosby Show and then Cosby and saying, “Wow, I want to be like them and grow up and have a family like that!” Keep in mind that back in the 80s and early 90s, there weren’t that many positive role models or positive images of either the black family, black men, or black women for that matter. That all changed with the debut of The Cosby Show. The Cosby Show was ground-breaking, for unlike shows such as Good Times or The Jeffersons, The Cosby Show showed that if a black man and black woman got a college education, they could not only have a successful career but also raise a respectful, educated, graceful, and career-driven family, just like any other person -- white or black. However, with this sex scandal now coming out, it makes us as a race wonder how many of our heroes have skeletons in their closets. Does this mean that there is a group of women who are waiting for the right time to accuse black heroes like Paul Robinson, Ben Carson, Sydnee Poitier, or even President Obama of the crime of rape some 50 years after the fact? Let’s be reasonable here -- even if Bill Cosby was not the man he is, the fact remains that there is no physical evidence, there are no witnesses, and there is nothing other than the words of these women that can corroborate their stories. Another problem with this is that the law has a statute of limitations, which currently prevents them from charging Bill Cosby with rape. This means that the only thing they can do to him legally is sue him for defamation of character, and some of them are taking that route.

            This leads me back to my original question -- why now? If the only thing you can do to this guy is sue him for defamation of character, and you can’t even put him behind bars for his crime, is it really worth it?  For what you will have lost is worth more than a defamation of character lawsuit. I mean these women lost their lives, self–respect, sense of self-worth, and much more than I can list in this article. I admit, I find it hard to belief that a man idolized as a positive father figure for all young, black, fatherless girls could do this evil thing. However, that does not mean I am heartless. If he did
do this, then nail that lying son of a gun to the wall and make an example out of him, which states that even if you are outside of the legal statute of limitations, you can’t get away with this -- not then, and definitely not now. But if he is innocent of this crime, then the only words I have to say to the accusers are karma is always a b…!     
By Nadia Johnson






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Liaqat said...

Shame on all those women who are bringing themselves so low, for the few dollars they are getting from the false accusation articles they're contributing to. Some of them who initiated this load of B.S. might have been recruited by the so called secret service societies, who are really THE international terrorists, legalised to fabricate mischief and paid appallingly huge sums of money for that! They used to murder successful black people on the spot, or pay their own people to do the act as they did to; Sam Cook, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and the list goes on. This is now a change of strategy, using their own people to mar their names and destroy their characters. Did they not try all that on the Mighty Michael Jackson, even eventually succeeding to use that stupid doctor to murder him. These people think they're above any laws, internationally. The world is in turmoil from their mischief. Thank God they will also die, and will have to face their accountability, worse for them when they leave others to continue with their mischief. The punishment of their mischief will continue to increase, long after they're dead. As those who left a great legacy continue to earn more blessings, long when they are in the limitless Glory of the hereafter! We remain; "....confident, of
The Victory, of GOOD over evil!" - His Imperial Majesty: Haile Selassie.